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Vantage Point Exteriors

We offer a design to build system with James Hardie exterior products with accessories that are paramount to your exterior’s aesthetic and functional integrity. Our system is large enough to handle your exterior makeover yet small enough to handle the principal. Exterior Renovations are an excellent alternative to the expense of moving for those who love their home, neighborhood and location. Our build to design system offers a complete comprehensive approach to get the project done. From the initial design and construction phase to the final inspection and warranty coverage. Our design team works hand in hand with the construction team to make sure that what we design can actually be built. With a design to build project from Vantage Point Exteriors we challenge you to sit back and watch the show. Our expertise and licensed professionals will carefully and thoroughly oversee your entire exterior project from start to finish. We will ensure that your exterior renovation will be enjoyable and the results will add value to your home or business.

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As a GuildQuality Guildmember, Vantage Point Exteriors relies on our customer surveying to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience.

We have surveyed customers on behalf of Vantage Point Exteriors in Kansas City, MO; Overland Park, KS; Lees Summit, MO; Leawood, KS; Olathe, KS; Lenexa, KS; Prairie Village, KS; Independence, MO; Gladstone, MO; Mission, KS; and 12 other cities in Missouri and Kansas.

In this report, Vantage Point Exteriors has published a summary of the customer feedback they've received since they joined GuildQuality in May 2013. In that time, 30 out of 57 customers (53%) responded to a GuildQuality satisfaction survey, with the most recent response in April 2015.

If you are a Vantage Point Exteriors customer, and if Vantage Point Exteriors completed work for you after May of 2013 but you haven't yet received a survey, please let us know.

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