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Granite Transformations of Jacksonville

If you want to remodel your bathroom or kitchen but are worried about the time and effort involved, you need Granite Transformations! We can give you the kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of with no demolition and minimal installation time. Our products are measured and cut offsite and installed in your home in one day so you can get back to your day-to-day as soon as possible. Best of all, our countertops are made from recycled materials that are heat, scratch, and stain resistant so they’ll last for years to come!

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Answers from contractors near Fleming Island, FL

We have 3 7-year old weeping willows that have suffered major tree damage. Should we try to restore them or start over?

David Carswell of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Dec 10, 2014

Talk with your local tree nursery or a state university agricultural extension office.  (Iowa State University has an excellent one.)  I love willows, but if the damage is too severe, you may need to ... read more

Messy Mortar

David Carswell of WCI Group Inc. PRO answered:

Dec 1, 2014

It looks like the mason did a good job concerning the texture. But the color is way off. Unfortunatly its not easy to match new to old. The good news- Staining morter isnt hard to do if its not sealed ... read more

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