Why GuildQuality?

Why Contractors Trust GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Why contractors trust GuildQuality to survey their customers

We’re working with nearly 2,000 home builders, remodelers, and contractors and have surveyed over 1.4 million homeowners on their behalf, so we understand the value of authentic customer feedback. That’s why we survey all of our members to find out how we’re doing, too.

Real-time feedback from our Guildmembers:

What our members say
J.B.G. in Catlett, VA
GQ is very customer oriented, personable and easy to connect with!

J.M.G. in Catlett, VA
Guild Quality is a fantastic 3rd party tool to use to survey your clients. They are always available to assist if I need help and...

B.H.B. in Mohnton, PA
GuildQuality's commitment to excellence shows in all they do. Their staff is helpful and attentive and it's obvious they care about making their clients successful.

A.M.S. in Lee's Summit, MO
GuildQuality is a great tool for us to stay on top of quality and listen to our homeowners.

D.G.A. in Fargo, ND
GuildQuality provides good all-round reviews that help us identify production and customer service challenges and opportunities for improvement. It allows customers a confidential communication tool...

T.M.M. in Blair, NE
Guild Quality is definitely a program that I would recommend to any business! We have received a lot responses about our work, and it makes...

W.G.R. in Sierra Vista, AZ
Customer service is quick to say they are sorry when I contact them with a problem, but slow to resolve the matter; typically takes more...

L.L.C. in Mt. Pleasant, SC

K.S.S. in Calgary, AB
GuildQuality is available for any help and responds back quickly.

A.L.W. in Woodstock, GA
This is a nice way to get honest feedback from customers because it's a third party source.

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