Why GuildQuality?

Why Contractors Trust GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Why contractors trust GuildQuality to survey their customers

We’re working with nearly 2,000 home builders, remodelers, and contractors and have surveyed over 1.4 million homeowners on their behalf, so we understand the value of authentic customer feedback. That’s why we survey all of our members to find out how we’re doing, too.

Real-time feedback from our Guildmembers:

What our members say
B.Y.D. in Stuart, FL
We LOVE GuildQuality, and very often hear from potential clients that they contacted us after reading our great reviews!

M.K.K. in Cary, NC
Guild Quality allows us to see a report card on every job, that our client is willing to fill out. It reinforces what...

C.S.S. in Elkhorn, WI
It's critical to our success to know we are supporting our brand promise to be the very best listening company, providing a memorable remodeling experience....

N.P.L. in Washington, DC
We have been a member of GuildQuality for many years and survey our clients both at the end of the design stage and at the...

I.Z.Z. in
As a custom home builder Guild Quality has been become an integral part of our marketing. The reviews allow prospective customers to feel confident in...

J.D.N. in Beech Island, SC
Guild Quality does a great, consistent job in reviewing the performances of their clients.

B.G.A. in Mentor, OH
Their system allows us to know what we are doing right and what needs improvement.

J.D.H. in Sterling Heights, MI
The usability, consistency, and customer service of GuildQuality is what I would like to see in any company I am paying.

From a member in Sterling Heights, MI

Recognize Excellence
The service department as a whole is always helpful AND knowledgeable.

E.F.F. in Ocala, FL
This is a great tool to measure how we are doing as a company and if needed address any problems right away. Our Department Heads...

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