Why GuildQuality?

Why Contractors Trust GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Why contractors trust GuildQuality to survey their customers

We’re working with nearly 2,000 home builders, remodelers, and contractors and have surveyed over 1.4 million homeowners on their behalf, so we understand the value of authentic customer feedback. That’s why we survey all of our members to find out how we’re doing, too.

Real-time feedback from our Guildmembers:

What our members say
L.L.C. in Mt. Pleasant, SC

M.B.B. in Point Pleasant, NJ
We strongly feel that having a third party review system has helped us to catch problems before they become issues. We have also learned...

R.K.S. in Lee's Summit, MO
GuildQuality is a great tool for gaining feedback from homeowners.

K.S.S. in Calgary, AB
GuildQuality is available for any help and responds back quickly.

B.W.W. in Chevy Chase, MD
Much of this problem is on me - because I hesitate to survey clients out of fear it will be bad and because I hate...

H.L.C. in Brentwood, TN
This is good basic constructive feedback from clients, to bring to the production table, to help us all be the best team that we can...

M.W.T. in Maplewood, MN
We have been using Guild Quality for several years and I would recommend this service to all business owners. It has assisted in boosting...

D.D.C. in Austin, TX
We've really enjoyed using Guild Quality for our customer surveys. It's easy to use and the staff is quick to help. We will continue to...

J.K.K. in Shaker Heights, OH
GuildQuality is not only the top third party client survey firm that services our industry, but the GQ team performs exceptionally well. They too are...

J.R.K. in Naples, FL
Guild Quality offers a great service to keep track of your clients satisfaction with your companies work through survey's. Guild Quality is super easy...

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