Why GuildQuality?

Why Contractors Trust GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Why contractors trust GuildQuality to survey their customers

We’re working with nearly 2,000 home builders, remodelers, and contractors and have surveyed over 1.4 million homeowners on their behalf, so we understand the value of authentic customer feedback. That’s why we survey all of our members to find out how we’re doing, too.

Real-time feedback from our Guildmembers:

What our members say
M.B.B. in Point Pleasant, NJ
We love the value of a third party reference.

G.C.C. in Fort Wayne, IN
GuildQuality provides a means to present to our customers a comprehensive survey regarding their experience with all aspects of our company which we use to...

J.S.G. in Needham, MA
at 96% rating you'd think we'd be recognized

K.A.H. in Clearwater, FL
It’s super easy to send in the information and it shows up in my email, that it has been reviewed.

K.K.A. in Valparaiso, IN
My advice is to start off slow with the minimum number of surveys and incorporate the program into your way of doing business before you...

B.S.H. in Melbourne, FL
GuildQuality is a highly reliable company that provides great feedback about how your clients feel about you.

M.R.G. in Walnut Creek, CA
Guild Quality has been a great resource for us. The surveys help us improve as well as grow!We love being able to send out surveys...

Stewart D. in Austin, TX
GuildQuality is really professional, very responsive, and they do what they say they're going to do.

J.K.K. in Shaker Heights, OH
The GuildQuality team does a superb job managing the entire survey process. The methodology they use provides the most unbiased and accurate survey data for...

A.R.S. in Punta Gorda, FL
Using the Guild Quality Satisfaction Survey has given us the opportunity to see both where we excel in customer service and what areas we need...

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