Why GuildQuality?

Why Contractors Trust GuildQuality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Why contractors trust GuildQuality to survey their customers

We’re working with nearly 2,000 home builders, remodelers, and contractors and have surveyed over 1.4 million homeowners on their behalf, so we understand the value of authentic customer feedback. That’s why we survey all of our members to find out how we’re doing, too.

Real-time feedback from our Guildmembers:

What our members say
J.S.M. in Mt. Airy, MD
We love the customer feedback collected from Guild Quality, we are able to immediately correct any issues helping build the customers trust. We also get...

K.T.T. in West Hollywood, CA
I love Tashman’s

J.J.S. in Oklahoma City, OK
Great company to work with !

G.H.U. in Freeville, NY
I like the easy platform and user friendly set up that allows my customers to leave feedback and potential customers to navigate through it. Being...

B.M.T. in Toms River, NJ
GuildQuality is great for a third party surveyor.

C.L.A. in Dubuque, IA
GuildQuality has helped us out with our business.

Lisa U. in Delhi, CA
It gives us the opportunity to know what our customers think. We've had one or two that needed our attention and we wouldn't have known...

Jon A. in Joplin, MO
GuildQuality does a good job!

S.M.E. in San Diego, CA
great rating system

Rose D. in Scottsdale, AZ
GuildQuality has been really good at following up with our customers and getting reviews for us. Having it linked to our online profile is very...

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  • 20 free customer surveys
  • Survey results delivered to you in real time
  • Reporting and marketing tools to help you leverage the feedback
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