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Alan Valkoun - Software Engineer

Alan Valkoun

Software Engineer

Alex Daniel

Sales Executive

Alex Overall

Technical Services Engineer

Babe - Senior Distraction Engineer


Senior Distraction Engineer


Bailey D’Alessio

Content Marketing Manager

Brian Broe - Senior Sales Executive

Brian Broe

Strategic Account Executive

Bryan Jones - Senior Sales Executive

Bryan Jones

Strategic Account Executive

Charles Porges

Sales Executive

Chris Daily - Product Designer

Chris Dailey

Product Designer

Coco Esser

Partner Marketing Coordinator

David Strandburg

David Strandburg

Director of Engineering

Erin Rosintoski Lewis - Senior Business Development Manager

Erin Rosintoski Lewis

Marketing Director

Evan Browne

Sales Executive

Gavin MacDonald - Sales Executive

Gavin MacDonald

Sales Team Leader

Geoff Graham

Geoff Graham

Co-president, founder

Jason King

Senior PHP Developer

Jeremy Walker

Sales Executive

Jerrod Butler - Director of Business Development

Jerrod Butler

Vice President of Sales

Jess Bryant

Member Experience Representative

Jonathan Clark - Member Success Representative

Jonathan Clark

Member Experience Account Manager

Justin Ruckman - Design Director

Justin Ruckman

Design Director

Kelly Donovan

Sales Executive

Kim Collins - Survey Coach

Kim Collins

Survey Team Supervisor

Latricia Hapeman

Surveyor Recruiter/Mentor

Laura Summerlin - Director of Member Success

Laura Summerlin

VP of Member Experience

Lauren Barnette

Sales Executive

Lauren Wallace

Marketing Associate

Luna - Assistant to CEO


Assistant to the founder
In memoriam

Mark Miles - Chief Operating Officer

Mark Miles


Michael Hardy - Operations Manager

Michael Hardy

Operations Manager

Michelle Lolley

Member Experience Account Manager

Patrick Schweigert

Member Experience Account Manager

Phil Ferdinand

Data Specialist

Rachel Shurbutt

Member Experience Support Manager

Rey Kamdar

Member Experience Account Manager

Robyn Hazelton

Direct Response Marketing Manager

Stephen Sleeper

Sales Executive


In Memoriam

Tess Bernardi

Sales Executive

Todd Marquis

Sales Executive

Trevor Howse

Sales Development Representative

Tyler Adams - Software Engineer

Tyler Adams

Software Engineer

Victoria Barton

Sr. Member Experience Account Manager

Will Cronin

Sales Team Leader

Zack Huston - Senior Technical Manager

Zack Huston

Senior Technical Manager

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