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Why Lyons? As it turns out time travel is possible. Show more

Why Lyons? As it turns out time travel is possible.

You simply need a proven system to make it happen. And for insurance agents, claims adjusters and anyone who has been hit with fire or flood damage, Lyons Cleaners can be your pilot through time. By being masters of smoke, water and mold restoration for all sorts of textile products, we can return your clients’ belongings to their original state, essentially taking your clients back to a time before their lives were upended by disaster.

Our 5 R’s of Restoration makes it all possible. This tried and true process ensures that your clients feel taken care of throughout the entire process and are reunited with as many of their cherished possessions as possible.

It also ensures that you don’t spend any more time than is absolutely necessary with a claim. You can count on Lyons Cleaners to not only be an extension of your company; we will help make the content portion of the claim hassle free. Work with us and you’ll discover we’re not just ordinary Restoration Drycleaners. We’re The Time Machine.

Types of work

Fire damage restoration 20
Water damage & mold remediation 20
Storm damage restoration 20

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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2016
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5 Consecutive Great Reviews 2015
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Process Explanation
Lyons Cleaners thoroughly explained the process before beginning work in my home.
Employees Professionalism
The employees of Lyons Cleaners are professional and courteous.
Cooperative And Responsive
Lyons Cleaners was cooperative and responsive to my needs.
Quality Of Materials
I am satisfied with the quality of materials used.
Quality Of Workmanship
I am satisfied with the quality of the workmanship.
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I am likely to recommend Lyons Cleaners to a friend.

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Lyons Cleaners

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