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Addition Remodel

As a retired Chief Master Sergeant, this client served his entire career in military housing and this was the first house for him and his wife to call their own. At last they had one stable place for children and grandchildren to visit, but the den in this house was too narrow to hold everyone, and too dark to enjoy. The vision for this project began as a desire for a room large enough to hold the entire extended family, comfortable enough to sit and visit, light enough to be pleasant. We found an opportunity in an unused screened in porch off the back of the den to capture space that was already under roof and had a foundation. Our challenge was to make these two spaces (den and porch) function as one -- both structurally and aesthetically. To open up the exterior load-bearing wall between the den and porch, we installed a W12-35 steel beam to carry the second floor and roof loads. So that the room would function as one space, we could not use wing walls to bring the load down, so we had to use 3" steel pipe columns hidden in the existing walls. The slab for the porch was 5" lower than the floor level of the den, so we laid pressure treated sleepers on the porch to make up the difference. The challenge was insulating the floor to meet code, so we used 2lb. closed cell spray foam between the sleepers. We removed the screen and built stud walls with cellulose spray insulation. We matched the existing vinyl siding and replaced it back to the chimney on the side wall to remove any tell-tale sign of an addition. White vinyl PGT windows and a full view ThermaTru door brought light into the entire space. For finishing touches, we removed the false beams that dated the den area, and we installed chair rail throughout to draw the space together. The location of the TV was critical because they didn't want to look up at it over the fireplace. So, we removed the bookcase to the right of the fireplace, built new cabinets to hold the TV, and painted all the cabinetry the same color to pull everything together. Now whether it is just the two of them watching TV together, or opening presents Christmas morning with grandchildren running around, they finally have a place to gather with the entire family.