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Customer Satisfaction Surveying

High response rate

Unhappy customer who don’t tell you are detrimental to your business. Don’t let them slip through the cracks.

Real-time feedback

Proactively address issues with real-time survey responses.

Unlimited users

There’s no limit to the users you can have. Share customer feedback with your entire team for no additional cost.

Performance Reporting

Web + mobile

Dive in to your surveys on our web-based dashboard, and stay updated on the go with our apps for iPhone and Android.

Trend analysis

Track performance improvements over time. Drill down to specific employees. Identify your stars.

Peer benchmarking

Identify how your customer satisfaction ranks against similar companies with our comprehensive reporting.

Marketing Tools

Member profile page

Your profile showcases your satisfaction scores, project photos, and business information, which are optimized for search.

Social media publishing

Publish positive comments and reviews to Facebook and Twitter with the push of a button.

Embed on
your site

Your customers are your best marketers. Display their testimonials by embedding your GuildQuality project map and review feed on your website.

GuildQuality reviews

Boost your credibility online with authentic customer reviews that are captured during the survey.