GuildQuality’s Certified Green Home Study White Paper

Homeowner’s Perspective: The Value of a Green Home

There are many opinions and assumptions about green homes and the benefits they provide, but little is known about actual satisfaction levels among green homeowners after the sale. Do these homeowners truly understand the concept of green building and, after living in their home, do they value the high-performing, sustainable features their homes have in the same way that builders and marketers think they will?

GuildQuality recently conducted a study to test some of the opinions and assumptions about green home buyers and fill in the gaps in our knowledge about them. The nationwide effort was successful in helping the home building industry understand:

• Why homeowners purchased a green home?

• Is their green home meeting their expectations?

• What features do they value most?

• Would they purchase another green home in the future?

• Would they recommend a green home to a friend or family member?

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