Brand Standards


As GuildQuality becomes more and more prevalent in our members’ marketing, it becomes increasingly important that we encourage consistency in how we and they describe what it means to be a member of our community of quality. Please use the copy that follows as a guide when describing GuildQuality, membership or our awards and distinctions.

What is GuildQuality?

GuildQuality’s independent customer satisfaction surveying helps remodelers, builders, developers, and home services companies deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What is a GuildQuality Member?

By using GuildQuality, our members collect objective feedback from their customers and use that feedback in their pursuit of continuous improvement in the quality of their service.

Our community of quality includes the best remodelers, homebuilders, developers, and home services contractors in the United States and Canada.

What is a Guildmaster Award Winner?

The Guildmaster Award recognizes top performing GuildQuality Members for their exceptional service.

To be eligible, the member must certify that GuildQuality has surveyed all of their customers, they must achieve a recommendation rate of greater than 90%, and the significant majority of their customers must respond to one of our surveys.

The One Word Check

All references to our company should appear as “GuildQuality”. There is no space between “Guild” and “Quality”. Double check all advertisements, literature and other external marketing materials to ensure our company name is spelled correctly.

Social Media

The following are examples of how to refer to GuildQuality in the realm of social media.

“Happy customers drive our business forward – and lately our customers have been really happy! Check out our GuildQuality Member Profile Page to read reviews from our customers (aka your neighbors)! [LINK]”

“Just received terrific customer feedback via @guildquality! Read our customer comment here: [LINK]”


  • Refer to GuildQuality when showcasing dustomer comments and reviews.
  • Link to customer feedback and your GuildQuality profile page.
  • Use @guildquality in your Tweets. We love to retweet and share your news and links with our followers!

Customer Comments and Reviews

We offer an RSS feed integration and WordPress Widget for our members to stream customer feedback onto their website. Learn how to get started by contacting GuildQuality’s support staff at or call 888-355-9223 x2

“I highly recommend the good people at GQ Builders. They are proficient, talented, experienced, and always have their client’s best interests at heart. Thanks for building us a wonderful home!”
– Baltimore, MD

Read more of our customer feedback on GuildQuality.

False Association

Use of the GuildQuality logo, badges or language in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement with non-member companies is strictly forbidden.


  • Use GuildQuality logo, badges, marketing materials, or links upon membership cancellation.
  • Use language about your GuildQuality membership that could render inaccurate or become outdated. Phrases like “Only GuildQuality professional located in ________” or “Only company in the ________ industry using GuildQuality” should not be utilized.

Brand Standards

GuildQuality's identity and brand standards documentation is designed to help you leverage our brand in your own marketing efforts. Having these standards in place provides consistency in what it means to be a member of GuildQuality's community of excellence.

Our Standards are divided into two sections, Identity, which covers logo standards and Language, which describes how to refer to GuildQuality . We've also provided examples of applying these standards in different marketing programs.