Big50 Service Excellence Award

If you are applying for the 2016 Remodeling Big50 Award or are a previous Big50 winner, you are also eligible to apply for the Big50 Service Excellence Award, powered by GuildQuality. This award recognizes past and present Big50 members who are committed to providing an excellent customer experience.

How it Works:
GuildQuality will survey your most recent 50 clients (or, if you have had more than 50 customers in the past 12 months, GuildQuality will survey a random 50 clients from your 2015 customer list).

Note: If you’re currently a Guildmember, we will not need to resurvey any of  your customers. We’ll just need to confirm that we have your most recent 50 projects in your GuildQuality account.

Deadline to apply and submit client info is February 1st.

Recognizing the Winners: 
Each applicant will receive their survey feedback in real time. Once we complete the surveying, we’ll work with Remodeling to review the results and determine the winners. Winners will be recognized at the Remodeling Leadership Conference.

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