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Women in Building

Approximately 9% of the construction workforce is comprised of women, and the reasoning behind the dramatic dearth is disheartening. While progress is steadily being made, there is plenty of room for improvement. It’s time for the residential construction industry to begin a new chapter where more talented women are encouraged to use their skill-set and […]

Answer Questions From Your Dashboard

    Since Answers launched in February, Guildmembers have been connecting with homeowners and buyers, and providing advice on topics like energy efficiency upgrades,  kitchen remodel ideas, when to replace a roof, and what to look for when hiring a contractor. Now members can display their expertise and answer homeowner and buyer questions directly from their […]


Congratulations Soft-Lite Windows! The window and door manufacturer, based in Ohio, will be honored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as this year’s winner of the prestigious Energy Star Partner of the Year Award. Soft-Lite will be recognized for their outstanding contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their work includes manufacturing energy-efficient products and […]

Woodard Customer Feedback Summary

Gathering authentic customer feedback is the secret ingredient for some of today’s most successful service excellence leaders, including Woodard Cleaning and Restoration. The company, who first opened their doors in 1946, takes their commitment to quality to the next level using GuildQuality to measure and track performance trends for their business. Because of their willingness […]

Creating a Coherent Company Culture: The Hidden Secret of Spectacular Growth

Changing an organization’s culture may seem impossible, but as the leader of your company it’s imperative that you try. Allan Bacon, Ph.D., author of the forthcoming book, The 9 Essential Elements of a Coherent Company Culture will be hosting an upcoming workshop focused on cutting through everyday business chaos to create a coherent company culture. Allan has […]

Green Living Owner Series

  Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s Owner Series session regarding capitalizing on homeowner and home buyer’s desire for green living. Our panelists Ethan Landis (Landis Construction), Doug Selby (Meadowlark Builders), and Carl Seville (SK Collaborative), all provided great insight into why eco-friendly and energy efficient features are increasingly influencing purchase decisions among homeowners […]

Kudos from Arocon Roofing & Construction

March 26th, 2014 by Erica England
David Arocon Roofing

  Our members truly are awesome! I was happily surprised to see an unsolicited video testimonial in my inbox from the good folks at Arocon Roofing & Construction.  Check out the video to learn how the company is utilizing GuildQuality, and ways in which our service has helped them to improve their overall delivery of […]

Understanding and appealing to today’s homeowner and buyer can be challenging. They’re doing their homework online and are armed with information about your business even before they shoot you an email or give you a call. In order to get ahead of the curve and improve your approach to today’s new generation of homeowners and […]

The Age of the Customer

For decades, companies have been promising to delight customers while simultaneously disappointing them in nearly every channel. That tactic no longer works. Why not? Because we’ve entered a new era called the age of the customer — a time when focusing on customers matters more than any other strategic imperative. – Forrester Research I’m speaking […]

Rock stars have raving fans. Why can’t home pros?

March 20th, 2014 by Erica England
Identifying Raving Fans

Rock stars have droves of raving fans, why can’t you? The truth is, you can and you probably already do. They’re called your loyal customers. The most powerful thing you can do to reach rock star status among homeowners is to identify who those raving customers are, and empower them to use their voice to […]