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Map Sketches

February 29th, 2012 by Geoff Graham

I stumbled across a couple of our design sketches from earlier this year, and thought you might find them interesting. This is pretty representative of how we approach design here at GuildQuality. For this project, we engaged a contractor, Chris Turner (super guy), to build our project mapping functionality, and then it was up to David to incorporate it into our member’s profile pages.

While he was in the home stretch, David requested some design input from me. I was on vacation at the time, and happened to be drawing with my daughter (hence the crayons). I made some notes, took a couple pictures of them with my iPhone, sent them to him, and he finished up the project. The sketches and notes are the two pictures on the left; the final product is on the right.

This is pretty much how we approach most of our design projects. Here are some more sketches from GuildQuality Polls (launched in February) and our Dashboard (overhauled in the Fall of 2011).

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