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Launch: GQ Mobile for iPhone, Android, & BlackBerry

November 8th, 2011 by Geoff Graham

Mobile is a big deal. In the last 30 days, 20% of visitors to GuildQuality’s reporting application have arrived via a mobile device. Our percentage of mobile visitors has been climbing every month. iOS devices (especially iPhones) dominate usage, constituting more than half of all recent mobile visits. Next comes the Android users, then Blackberry.

Mobile devices make the real-time delivery of our survey feedback even more useful. About 70% of customers respond to our customer satisfaction surveys, and GuildQuality delivers their feedback in real-time, via an email notification to our members. People tend to review those responses almost immediately, enabling them to take immediate action if necessary. That, coupled with the high response rate, is a big part of how we help our members reinforce their culture of quality.

[Not surprisingly, we use our own app to survey our members, and I probably use my iPhone to view 80% of the survey responses we receive from GuildQuality’s own member satisfaction surveying.]

With all that in mind, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve optimized the GuildQuality reporting app for iPhones, Androids and BlackBerries. Here are a few screenshots from various devices:

We’ve optimized the most commonly visited pages for mobile: Login, Survey Response, and Dash. If you want to use the full-featured app while surfing on a mobile device (to dive into analytics), click on “View Full Web App at the bottom of each page.

With this project under our belt, we’re now optimizing the the actual survey form that your customers use to complete a survey online. So just as it’s now easier for you to view responses, it will soon be easier for your customers to provide them.

Not only are we power users of our own application, but we’re also power mobile users, so we’re especially excited about this little project.

P.S. We engineered this in-house, but Jeff Tow is responsible for the excellent design.

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