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Kudos from Arocon Roofing & Construction

March 26th, 2014 by Erica England
David Arocon Roofing

  Our members truly are awesome! I was happily surprised to see an unsolicited video testimonial in my inbox from the good folks at Arocon Roofing & Construction.  Check out the video to learn how the company is utilizing GuildQuality, and ways in which our service has helped them to improve their overall delivery of […]

Highly Effective Habits of Service Excellence Leaders

Thank you to everyone who attended GuildQuality’s Owner Series Webinar on highly effective habits of service excellence leaders. For anyone who missed the live webinar, the event recording is now available. Watch and gain insight from Remodeling Magazine, along with industry leaders Degnan Design Builders, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters, and Roberts Construction Group […]

  Last week GuildQuality COO, Mark Miles presented in a webinar hosted by improveit! 360 focused on best practices for closing more deals with prospective clients. Mark provided insight on how a company’s reputation, and their online presence, can either boost opportunities or tarnish them. Reviews have a significant impact on the potential customer’s decision. […]

Craig Knott, Owner of Houseworks Unlimited, uses GuildQuality’s third-party customer satisfaction surveying to put his clients at ease and gather their honest feedback. Learn more on why Craig joined GuildQuality in his brief video testimonial. To see photos, reviews and comments for Houseworks Unlimited, visit their GuildQuality Member Profile Page.

Pella’s Chris Dana on Boosting Presence Online with GQ

September 6th, 2012 by Erica England

Take a look at the video testimonial above. Pella Corporation’s Trade Marketing Manager, Chris Dana explains the importance of having an online presence in the marketplace, and sites GuildQuality as a great tool to boost your online presence with unbiased customer feedback. GuildQuality is the recommended provider of customer satisfaction surveying and performance reporting for […]

GuildQuality CEO Geoff Graham, and COO Mark Miles, recently presented a webinar for the new Business Growth series created by Qualified Remodeler Magazine, Exterior Contractor and MarketSharp Software. Geoff and Mark focused the webinar titled, “People Talk: What are they saying about your company, and how can you join and shape the conversation?” on thriving […]

Remodelers Advantage President, Victoria Downing shares her thoughts on how GuildQuality empowers Remodelers Advantage members to measure their delivery of quality.

Robert Criner, President of Criner Remodeling, has relied on GuildQuality to help deliver an exceptional customer experience since 2010. Learn what Robert values about his GuildQuality membership in this brief video.

Robin Baine, Office Manager of Baine Contracting Inc., shares how quality translates to referral business for her company.

What role does quality play in your company? Quality customer service can provide just as much, if not more referral business as quality products. Check out our video featuring GuildQuality and Remodelers Advantage members weighing in on best practices for creating a culture of quality. A huge thank you to MOSAIC Group [Architects and Remodelers], […]