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scrap wood pile

Keeping a pulse on trends and market predictions in your industry is great for business, but it’s also beneficial to put time and effort into managing your reputation and how your customers view your company. The articles in this week’s scrap pile cover both topics; from how a home’s resale price can be influenced by remodeling […]

Winners of the 2015 James Hardie Service Excellence Award

A few members of the GuildQuality team had the opportunity to attend this year’s James Hardie Contractor Summit, where we honored eight James Hardie Contractors with a Service Excellence Award. This award recognizes contractors that deliver outstanding service and quality, as measured by customer feedback. All James Hardie Contractors who attended the Summit were invited to participate. […]

What Could Unmet Customer Expectations Cost Your Business?

January 20th, 2015 by GuildQuality Team
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Managing customer expectations is much easier said than done. Your company has specific processes and plans for how you handle each job, and you know these backwards and forwards. You also understand that jobs don’t always go according to plan. This is something you discuss with your customer from the beginning, but do they really […]

scrap wood pile

The new year is here and we’re excited to hit the ground running in 2015! While 2014 was a good year, it looks as though 2015 will be even better for the residential construction industry. This week’s scrap pile contains a few articles pertaining to growth and trends in 2015. Eight Cities Where U.S. Home Prices […]

Call for Entries: Liners Direct Service Excellence Award

January 12th, 2015 by GuildQuality Team
Liners Direct logo

GuildQuality has partnered with Liners Direct to power a service excellence award for their Liners Direct dealers. How to Apply At no charge, GuildQuality will survey 50 past clients from each candidate. For high volume candidates, we will survey a random 50 clients from each candidates 2014 customer list. If a candidate has fewer than […]

Earning ROI in Customer Feedback

January 6th, 2015 by GuildQuality Team
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Knowing how your customers feel about your business is crucial to running a successful company. You’re most likely already hearing from customers that either had a really positive experience with your company or a really negative one, but what about those customers that don’t say anything at all? While a customer with no complaints may […]

3 Fireplaces You’ll Want To Cozy Up To

December 22nd, 2014 by GuildQuality Team

The temperatures are starting to drop and the holiday season is officially upon us. We know many of you have already been hit with snow, ice and much colder temperatures than what we’re seeing here in Atlanta, which means you’ve probably got the firewood stocked and the fires roaring at your homes. Whether you’re busy preparing […]

scrap wood pile

As 2014 draws to a close, many business owners are deep into the planning process for 2015. Taking an honest look at what worked this past year and what didn’t will help in preparing for the year to come. This week’s Scrap Pile contains a few articles that cover trends, tips and tricks to help you get […]

Revival Construction

If a client is looking for a renovation to be done quickly and cheaply, regardless of the architecture of the house, Revival Construction is not the company to call. Wright Marshall founded Revival Construction in 2000 and excels in many ways, but fast and cheap are not among them. Revival Construction is all about style, […]

scrap wood pile

The residential construction industry is always changing. From keeping up to date on housing market trends to the ever-changing landscape of online reviews and social media, it can sometimes feel hard to stay on top of it all. That’s why we’ve put together this weekly “Scrap Pile” of articles covering a wide range of industry-related topics. Below are […]